Modern Screw Products is a locally owned, family machine tool business started by Fred Hackman in 1923.  Fred’s son-in-law Allen Bockerstett joined the business and continues to be involved with it today, along with his wife Beverly and sons Mark, James and John and a crew of employees who average a minimum of 10 years with the company.

In the early days Modern Screw Products served the mining industry, the railroad and various branches of the military.  Over the years new machines were added, new parts were made and new industries were served.  Today, the main industries that Modern Screw Products serves are:

  • Food industry
  • Refrigeration
  • Sporting goods
  • Medical

Whether your need is for a simple part produced quickly, or a precision part produced with high-tech machinery, Modern Screw Products has the technology and experience to deliver a quality product at a reasonable price.  Centrally located in the Midwest, our affordable shipping rates will reduce your overall expense to make our USA made products very competitive with overseas markets.  Contact Mark Bockerstett today for a custom quote for your business.

The Bockerstetts